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The Fuller Brush DownEast Winning Team is You and Us Together. "Winning Team" because that is what we are. "DownEast" because everything in Maine is called DownEast.  It was started by Roland Rhoades in Maine in 1992 (the name started in 1993) and very quickly expanded nationwide Maine to Hawaii and Florida to Alaska.  It now consists of many Director groups, all spread out nationwide.  I (Roland) have been featured in the Fuller Brush Company Newsletter twice, with a full page article in 1994 after advancing to Director in less than two years, and a half page article in 1999.   
click for FULLER TIMES articles on me and Mark Haynes.

SEPT 30, 2016 UPDATE - There is no longer a business opportunity. Fuller corporate investors ended the distributor recruiting and referral program. Nobody can recruit any longer and I lose my life work and retirement plan of recruiting, training, and keeping in touch with my 1200 distributors.

Vacationing on my Fuller Brush income Here is a photo of me in early February 2003 [similarly every year]. My Fuller Brush business gives me the TIME and MONEY flexibility to get out of the sub-zero cold temperatures in Maine for a while. And my business keeps growing while I'm gone too! We stayed in Lakeland FL, "the swan city", with plenty of real swans, and 62 of these 6-foot fiberglass swans decorated by local artists.

Our Team has all the pieces put together to help you become productive quickly. I've been in the Fuller Brush business for 24 years now, sharing my experience via free training manuals and newsletters. Has it paid off in helping my distributors make money?  If you are considering joining any other team, ask them how many people they or their team have helped advance to Director since 2000. Zero! (We've had EVERY Director or above promotion (22) in the whole Company since 2000).  Join a team that can help you.

Besides that, many of our team members are listed in the Company publications for being among the top producers in the Company nationwide, especially among sponsoring leaders. Out of all the thousands of distributors across the country, many members of our team have been among the Top Ten nationwide sponsors of productive new distributors!!  Three or four of us are usually in the top ten at the same time.  If you are joining with any member of the above groups, you are part of our team and can expect good help getting your business running.

In 2015, Fuller completely revamped our websites, giving with no monthly fee to all distributors, a Fuller-Stanley website with a complete shopping cart for our customers, a sign-up page to join, and a distributor section to order wholesale and learn of company announcements and see our monthly volumes of customers and downline distributors.  [In Sept 2016, they took it all away.]

After being THE Fuller Brush Man of Sanford Maine for nearly ten years, I began an eight-month process of moving to the Gorham-Windham area of Maine, designing and having a new office addition built on my country home, and selling my Sanford house. I continue to service my Sanford customers on a regular basis. I was a member of the Sanford Chamber of Commerce 1994-2002, and in 2002 I joined our local equivalent, The Gorham Business & Civic Exchange.  I'm also a life member of Maine Old Cemeteries Association and working to record old cemeteries for posterity, and an addicted genealogist. My Maine Families (and more) website is http://RolandRhoades.com

Business continues to be tremendous. Here is my 2005 Toyota Prius gas-electric hybrid car that I bought March 2005. I washed it with Fuller 'Car Wash & Wax' right before the photo in Aug 2006. [Unfortunately this product was discontinued.] Click on the car for my Prius webpage.




No boss is going to tell me when to get up!   Thanks, Fuller Brush.

This photo and message was the lead-off of my bizopp page for quite some time; finally decided to move it here.

As promised in my email, here is the "photo of me and my honey in bed, taken by my wife!". Silka likes to crawl under the covers with me. This was taken about 9am, the time when I usually get out of bed. I don't believe in alarm clocks. I get up when I'm done sleeping! Back when I had a job I had to get up at 5am; that's criminal! Most people don't have time for their kitties during the day. If you'd like to have more flexible control of your time and spend more time with your kitties (or kiddies), just decide to take control of your life and become self-employed in your own Fuller Brush business!

What does The Fuller Brush Company have to say about me?

Larry Gray, Director of US Field Sales (President of the Distributor sales force at the Company), says on his Nov 9, 2005 Sales Hotline:
"And now . . . I want to recognize an individual . . . who over the years has developed a phenomenal sales team!  Through consistent sponsoring . . . every day retailing . . . on-going training . . . and never-ending follow-up with prospects and Distributors . . . this individual has climbed the ladder of excellence in Fuller Gold. A BIG, BIG congratulations goes out to our newest . . . Division Director . . . Roland Rhoades from Maine. Hereís to you Roland . . . for an outstanding job! Your group has grown from simply you retailing Fuller Brush products to a vast sales team that includes 5 Supervising Directors, 5 Directors and countless dedicated Distributors. Hatís off to you . . . for your tremendous success with Fuller Brush!
[Also note the photo of Larry and me on my homepage.]

Roland Rhoades, Fuller Brush Click on the pictures for larger copies. Roland Rhoades, Fuller Brush

Roland Rhoades at the Gorham Business Trade Show in April 2002,
wearing one of our Fuller shirts that I had made.

My Fuller Brush Home office Here is the outside of my new 440 sq ft office that I had built on the end of our house (all paid for!). I like looking at the woods out my windows. I'm still doing landscaping, raking leaves and brush, and more tree planting. Fuller Brush productsThis photo is part of my Product Area.

To speed up page-loading time, more photos, including my awards, will be on a separate page:
More Photos

Roland Rhoades, Larry GrayHere's two old 1992 photos I found of Me (left) and my good buddy, Larry Gray (right), VP of Sales & Marketing at Fuller Brush, the person at Fuller Brush in charge of all of us distributors. He's the voice you hear on the Sales Hotline.  

I met him at regional meetings in 1992 and 1993 in MA and CT, never realizing at the time the importance of getting to know him, AND for him to know who I am, as my business started growing and I wanted his attention and extra help.

See also the 2007 photo on my Home page.

  The Fuller Brush Cat

This last picture is my new baby (2003), a Scottish Fold kitten named Silka, learning about my business.
Click on the kitty for more on the most beautiful and wonderful kitten in the world, plus cat stories and jokes.

The following is edited from the Company Newsletters. Can you identify with my goals?

Several years ago, Roland Rhoades began a gradual process of creating a new, more positive work atmosphere for himself.  As an electrician at a naval shipyard in Kittery Maine, he enjoyed his work, but not the negative working environment.  Rather than stand still and complain, Roland decided to take steps toward the positive.

His efforts led him from the shipyard full-time, to supplementing his earnings with part-time work in the Network Marketing industry. Eventually, he arrived where he is today: working full-time as a Fuller Brush Director.   Roland says "I'm too independent minded to work regular hours for a boss. That's why I love Fuller Brush so much."

Roland had been involved with another networking company for several years when in 1992 a friend recommended that he consider adding "product diversity" to his business. Roland responded that he didn't need "diversity," he needed products that worked and that would sell. "That's the definition of Fuller Brush products," his sponsor told him. And when he added that Fuller Brush had just made the transition to network marketing, Roland promptly decided to join Fuller Brush, and began to build his highly successful DownEast Winning Team. 

It didn't take many side-by-side product comparisons for Roland to realize that Fuller Brush products simply worked better and were priced better than the products he had been promoting. "I know the other company's products well, and now I know Fuller Brush products, and Fuller's work better." Instead of adding diversity, Roland decided to change companies, and since then he has never looked back.  

The true advantages of his Fuller Brush business became clear to Roland as he began to prospect for new customers and distributors. "The response I got to the Fuller Brush name was like a breath of fresh air," he said. "It was a real relief to have people respond to the name by telling stories about their favorite products, instead of making critical comments about your company."  

With new-found confidence, Roland became a Fuller product expert, and encourages the distributors he sponsors to become experts also. "I encourage the people I sponsor to use retailing as a way to offset some of the initial expenses of building a network marketing organization," Roland said.  "I started off selling enough products to pay for a small inventory of my fastest selling products and to pay for nationwide advertising, and expand my business out of my economically depressed area in Maine. Building a solid distributor base of other distributors making a profit is the key. I've published a free Newsletter for downline support since 1994. I now have distributors or mailorder customers in all 50 states. I also feel that I've gotten to know as friends, many of my distributors and customers across the country, just by mail and telephone."

When talking to prospects, Roland emphasizes the unique advantages of operating your own Fuller Brush business. "Name recognition is an important advantage when talking to anyone over 40," he said. "But just as important, among the younger crowd, the people who aren't as familiar with the Fuller Brush name, they will remember their Mom buying the products, and they know Mom was never wrong.  Also, you can mention 'environmental products' and find a similar, warm response." 

Besides freedom to do business his own way, on his own time, Roland says he appreciates the freedom that the Fuller name lends to his growing business. "It's good to know that there are virtually no barriers to achievement in this business except ones you place on yourself," he said. "I like knowing that if I (or the people I recruit) need to, I could easily build or expand my business with direct sales and make good money. The Fuller Brush name that has always opened doors, now opens minds to possibilities."

Roland Rhoades, the Person - Genealogy & Politics

  I also have a life outside of Fuller Brush. In fact, my Fuller Brush income is giving me the financial freedom to enjoy other pursuits and hobbies when other people have to work at a job, including an expensive collecting hobby/investment. I am also spending more time on genealogy, tracing my family tree and assisting others with common surnames, especially the names Rhoades, French, Leavitt, Boardway/Boudway et al, Peavey, Morgrage/Morgridge, Safford, Stinneford, Flagg, and some other Maine families. See my Maine Families Genealogy website at www.RolandRhoades.com   I was elected as President of the National Association of Leavitt Families 2005-2009, and elected official Genealogist in 2009. 

  I am also volunteering more time at church, actively participating in social justice causes; our church even won a nationwide award for being the most active in 2002-3 in social justice causes. I believe one must have an open mind to have an open heart.  My church believes in a Higher Power with many names and messengers, according to the various cultures of the world, and the value of every religion. Someone asked god why s/he doesn't perform major miracles anymore, and s/he replied "because every time I do, you people start a new religion and persecute all my other peoples, or tell them that they have to believe the same way that YOU think I'm telling you to believe."  I think that believing that your way is the only way, is at the root of the terror that we see in today's headlines.

Let's make America strong and secure again. The US has been spending more and earning less since 2001. We need a balanced federal budget again to create financial stability for our children's futures, proper educational support for our children, and we need to provide proper healthcare for our seniors, AND EVERY family for that matter. We are the richest country in the world. No one who knows what they are talking about can say that we don't have the money. It's just a matter of priorities. What are your priorities? The silent majority will get stepped on unless you make your educated opinions known.

And I find it beyond my comprehension that people do not understand that if millionaires get massive tax cuts, that means that WE who make less than $250,000 per year pay a LARGER share of taxes, assuming America is paying its bills, which Lil' Bush didn't seem concerned about (because he knew the Democrats were following him in power and they would get blamed for the cost of finally paying 8 years of his bills; $1.2 trillion of the 2009 debt is bills that Bush didn't pay!). Can YOU afford to subsidize poor millionaires who have to pay taxes? President Obama is committed to bringing back justice to the tax system and stop the extermination of America's middle class. I'm glad we got rid of those Big Spending Republicans.  But now, 2011, Republicans have been blocking every move President Obama attempts, because they know if he fails, the country fails, and they can blame him. It doesn't make sense to me; I blame the Republicans who don't want to do anything except protect their billionaire corporate sponsors. But the billionaires fund the advertising that spreads those lies. We need to end the so-called "Citizens United" which allowed unlimited corporate buying of our elections.

2016 - I am "Feeling the Bern" supporting Bernie Sanders uprooting corruption. See bottom of my homepage.

MADE IN USA. Fuller Brush has always been able to say that they manufacture most of their products right there in Kansas, putting Americans to work so that they will have money to spend in the US economy. Unfortunately the Republican corporate system is based on outsourcing jobs to wherever is best for corporations' economy, not America's. Fuller is falling victim to the competitive economy this is creating, and has forced some companies who manufacture some items for Fuller to outsource their factories first to Mexico, and then to China. The only way to stop the spread of this contagion to the American economy, is to rid ourselves of the Republican virus that puts corporations first, calling them not only people, but like in Orwell's Animal Farm, people who are MORE equal than real people because they have more money to give politicians kickbacks (aka political fundraising and advertising).

Our websites and catalogs use a Made in USA emblem for each product. If you don't see one, you can email President dsabin@fullerbrush.com with your thoughts/suggestions.
     Remember: Vote Democratic = Vote for American jobs and manufacturing, but it won't happen if a Republican Congress continues saying NO to everything.  Thanks.

I urge one and all to watch a free Fun video on America's skewed budget priorities, by Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream fame. It tells how to find the missing BILLIONS of $$ in the federal budget.

This website owner is willing to stick his neck out and stand up for his personal opinions about "Liberals". If you care, click on my personal website.  Even though I am a liberal, I am open-minded enough to also totally agree with DICK CHENEY when he is right, and his explanation of Iraq is the first one that I have heard that makes sense. If you are a liberal (or a conservative), I hope you will be open-minded enough to listen to what he has to say. This not a conservative-liberal view; it's an American view. [updated 12/07.]  Proud to be American where people can think for themselves and disagree with Big Brother government. Thanks.

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