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Products light and small enough to cheaply mail to US or Canada


Standard shipping fee from Fuller websites including my FullerDirect shopping cart below, is $9 for the US continental 48.

MY charge for Postage from Maine on the light items to all US is only $4 postage, IF you call or email me to order.
$4 will cover more than one item up to 12oz unless they are heavy or long - inquire.

CANADA - Welcome Canadians.   $9 will cover small orders under 8oz to Canada. Inquire for other orders.

Other light items and bargains: Hairbrushes & Closeouts, & Brooms & Mops. Some of these products have been discontinued, but I have them, while they last.  I have bought out much discontinued inventory that people have been looking for, from a couple local dealers. Listing it on these pages as I get time.

Closeouts are identified with this symbol:  z so, get them while you can.

"I should have bought it... when I saw it... at Roland's"


Why (and how) do I sell for less?
"If you buy something right, you sell it right. You don't try to make an extra buck on it."      - My philosophy, and a quote from R H Reny, founder of the famous independent Maine department store chain RENY'S that competes just fine against the "W" behemoth.   That is why I sell for less, as I take advantage of any special promotions that Fuller Brush offers us distributors.

Fuller is my full-time and only income, and I've been successful for 25 years by treating others as I would like and not just being after every dollar.
Email or Call ME personally if you want my personal sale prices.  Thank you for your support.

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT SEPT 11, 2016 from Roland Rhoades, October update - Fuller Brush & Stanley Home Products is changing all the rules Sept 30, drastically cutting what we are able to earn, and taking our wholesale customers and distributors away from us, so we are not sure what the future holds.  Since 1992 when I first joined, I have recruited, trained, motivated, and answered phone calls and emails from thousands of distributors.

Thank you to all my customers who stocked up before September 30 when this all took effect. Thank you very much for your support.

They have decided that ALL distributors or wholesale customers, including the 1200 currently in my reports, are now theirs directly and will no longer pay referral commissions for doing all the work of finding them new distributors and providing training materials like my training website that I built, at the time-expense of not having as much time to retail myself.  In fact, MY TEAM was the only ones creating any advancements to Director or above since 1999. "Lotsa Luck" to them finding the time to answer all the questions before and after recruiting new distributors, especially with them also laying off all the Kansas customer-service people.

They will be allowing us to continue selling, but are also cutting the commissions that we earn on sales. They say it is a matter of finances. I say they are short-sighted and committing suicide.  At age 65, I am hoping to limp along one more year on just my personal sales until I can collect social security.   I stocked up my inventory in Sept, to continue offering savings and quality as long as possible.

In October they finally told us what to expect. With their financial problems, they are discontinuing many products, and delaying the restocking of others until demand builds up; I make notations of those on my hairbrushes, brushes, brooms, etc pages.  They cut my commissions in half, plus now charge a 7-12% of retail fee to ship direct to our customers, in addition to the normal $9+. If I try to get around that fee and dropship on my account to a customer address, they charge shipping of 10% of their retail price ($9 min) plus that fee. And they added a $2 fee per large or heavy item (like gallons).  Distributors are dropping like flies with so many obstacles in the way of making any money.  They are also now looking for cheap manufacturing sources in Mexico instead of respecting the Fuller Brush factory in Kansas (now a separate corporation).

LATEST NEW OR BRING-BACK PRODUCTS: Page updated April 26, 2017

MICROFIBER CLOTHS various current styles at BOGO discount - see bottom of page.

Natural Wood Hand n Nail Brush
new Dec 2015
20" Tub n Shower, or Tire, Scrub Brush - see brooms-mops page

Old fashioned Tortoiseshell color SHAVING BRUSH & HOLDER - made in UK

For USA, Priority Mail Regional boxes will hold a bunch of products for $7 through Zone 3 from Maine. I get the Commercial Shipper discount. More economical for larger orders. - inquire.

Call or email me for this offer. Website orders are higher by default.
ORDER FROM: Roland Rhoades 1-207-892-0923
(or at 1-800-775-1113 if you don't have long distance, same phone)  
Your Nationwide Discount Fuller Brush Man since 1992
10 Blackberry Lane - Gorham ME 04038

Pretty & Pink Dishwash Brush

z #309 Fuller Brush Pretty & Pink Dish Brush

Durable, rinse-clean, resilient polyester bristles that are sturdy enough to handle even the toughest stuck-on food, but will not scratch the surface. Ergonomically designed handle is comfortable and easy to use. Doesn't show in the picture, but the other side of the bristles, the end of the handle, has a flat scraper that comes in handy. 11" long.  Jan 2017 - Fuller says "while they last".
Reg $9.49         
Made in USA

SALE - $8.

Stainless Steel Sponges#868  Stainless Steel Sponges
Fuller pack of 3.  Reg $10.49.

My price $8.99 or 2/$16.   or
Stanley 2-pk (exact same sponge) $6.99 or 3/$16.

Either way, it comes to 6 sponges for $16., depending on which I have in stock at the moment.

MY Inventory is Made in Kansas USA. Fuller has since moved manufacturing to Mexico.

See descriptive flyer of uses and testimonials.

 Fuller 1906 product line - premium quality brushes with the retro Wood handle design. Made in Kansas, USA.

NEW BRINGBACK SEPT 2016, Limited Production Run.  USA

Same brush and sale price as the discontinued #321 Jar Brush with a plastic handle. Perfect for long neck bottles, jars, vases, baby bottles, and drinking glasses. Durable polypropylene bristles tackle the tough jobs and bounce back for years of extended use. Natural wood handle. 13-1/2" overall length.

Reg $17.99  -  SAVE $8:   MY Price: $9.99

Clothes & Upholstery Brush#19014 Clothes & Upholstery Brush

Back by popular demand Oct 2013, and similar to the one discontinued a few years ago, the special curved shape of this brush easily hugs your shoulder to remove lint, dust and hair from clothing. Also works great for refreshing the look of your upholstery. 12 1/8" x 3 5/8" x 2 1/8".  Special blend of horsehair and nylon bristles helps remove dust, lint, and hair from fabrics. USA  Reg $16.99  
MY Price SAVE $4 -  $12.99

#051 - Our famous Fuller Veggie/Handy Brush  89c or 3+ 60c each.

6" overall length, great for potatoes, carrots, dishes, "Handy" for everything. Genealogists also find it great for safely brushing moss off old gravestones.

#19012 Fuller-1906 Premium Handy Brush
, similar to our famous smaller ones. Wood handle USA 10+" long, bristle section 5" long.     
Reg $15.99.      Price Cut - Now HALF PRICE $7.99 or 2/$15.

#19406 Bench Brush from the USA Fuller 1906 product line, natural wood handle.

Densely filled with a blend of natural horsehair and nylon to easily and effectively remove both fine dust and heavy debris. 13" long, bristle section 8" long.
Reg $21.99  Fuller is sold out, temporarily discontinued.  I have some.

MY Sale while they last - $16.99


#19002 Premium Glass & Dishwash Brush USA

New in 2016, limited production run. Uniquely shaped to fit into tall glasses to clean those hard to reach surfaces. Durable polypropylene bristles tackle the tough jobs and bounce back for years of extended use. Natural wood handle. 11.25" long x 2.34" wide; bristle section is 6" long.

Reg $16.99  -  BOGO

MY Price $8.99 or 2/$16.99.

#395  Multi-Purpose Tube Brush
This foot long brush is great for cleaning percolators, sports cups with built-in straws, aquariums, test tubes, bud vases with slim necks, teapot spouts, antique bottles, funnels and more. Flexible brush goes around corners and curves easily and cleans thoroughly. 5/16" diameter x 3 1/4" durable nylon brush material.
#395  $9.99 retail.   My price $
These tube and bottle brushes are Made by Fuller in Kansas, USA
with the bristles on the tip too, to clean the very bottom. Both now while they last.
#396  Super Size Tube Brush
New size is ideal for cleaning larger openings in percolators, sports cups with built-in straws, antique bottles, test tubes, aquariums, flower vases with slim necks, teapot spouts, funnels and more. Handy hang-up hook. 14-1/2" overall length. 5/8" diameter x 5-1/2" long durable polyester brush material.
#396  $9.99 retail.   My price $
SPECIAL OFFER: #395 & #396 brushes, both for $16.
- IF you call/email me.
contains two lengths of durable nylon bristles. Short bristles on one side clean so that nails, cuticles and hands look their best. Long bristles on the other side brush away dry, chapped skin so that heels and elbows feel silky and smooth. 6" long.
Some people use it as a Veggie Brush also.  USA   Reg $11.49. 
Temporarily discontinued. I have a couple.
Larger photo click here
HAND & NAIL BRUSH Limited production run natural wood poly-protected 1.5"x5".  Like the wood hairbrushes, Dry with the bristles pointing down.  USA

added Dec 2015. Dec 2016: while they last.

One size fits all  - plaid slippers have soles of cotton-polyester blend yarn to dust your floors as you walk. Perfect gift for lazy husbands - make them useful !  (Similar product also shown on the TV show Celebrity Wife Swap May 2014) Hand-washable.  Imported.
They are comfortable as just plain slippers too.
Was $9.99                                             

MY Closeout Price $5.

NEW Pink model in 2016 Holiday catalog is $11.99


Keep your hands away from dirty water and chemicals.
TOILET BOWL SWAB is made of 100% acrylic yarn treated with an Antimicrobial Agent that is acid and mildew resistant. Plastic squeegee cup effectively and safely damp dries swab head without exposing hands to dirty water and cleaning chemicals. 15" long plastic handle with convenient hang-up hole.  USA

The swab is a toilet bowl mop! No more bristles spattering water everywhere. The Swab will clean the rim very effectively and you can also use it as a mop after wringing, to clean the rim and outside of the toilet and even the floor ‘when necessary’ (boys). Just squirt one ounce of Fuller Extra-Strength Bowl Cleaner onto the swab instead of into the water, to clean the toilet full-strength. Wringer cup slides up the handle and stays in place during use, and then you push it down to wring the water out of the swab without getting your hands wet. You can then store it upright on the floor without leaving a puddle. Temporarily discontinued.     Reg $12.99
MY Price $10.99 while they last


<<Click for larger photo

Similar to the regular one, except with the new microfiber to collect dust and dirt. Originally $24.99, Frame USA, cover is imported, can use the #808 long handle if needed.
I am clearing out for

z #189 MICROFIBER MINI DUSTER. Were $6.29 with the handle and $4.29 for an extra head. I use the mini-duster all the time to dust my TV and computer screens, and my car dashboard.   
See PHOTO above.
(Glass Cleaner one sold out)

MY OFFER -  $6 will get you two heads with one handle.

#19009 Slender Duster
Long narrow duster reaches places you could never reach before collecting dust bunnies, behind-between-under appliances, furniture, cabinets... wherever vacuums and dustmops can't reach. Great for a large swipe of the top of the refrigerator too. Natural cotton yarn. 4"w x 24"l plus 6" wood handle.  USA. 
 Reg $34.99.        MY Sale $19.99
Dryer Brush

#323 Dryer Brush "triples" as a Refrigerator Coil Brush and an old-fashioned Radiator Brush.  27" long.

Click the picture for more details. USA
Reg $14.99

MY Price $11.99

Also still have one Refrigerator Coil Brush same price.  Bristles very similar. Click picture for more information.

A pretty pink clear acrylic handle; imported. Patented microfiber strands (white - only the handle is pink) pick up and hold onto dust, dirt, cobwebs until fluffed out.  25" overall, 13 3/4" of flexible microfiber dusting. Washable.
Was $14.99.   Click for larger photo.
MY Price $7.  2/$13.

Also have #69135 Original Polishing Duster from 2012, reg $12.99. Like above, but wood handle. Same price, mix/match, one left.

z #293 Shower Track & Grout Brush, reg $11.99. USA
My price  $9.99

Narrow long bristles cleans tight places like shower door tracks, combination windows, corners of the shower tile. Also great for cleaning meat slicers and any other tight areas.  5" bristle area, 10" long. Bristles are generally blue or purple.

For real tough cleaning jobs, I recommend #780 Bath Clean,  or #99250 Industrial Germicidal Cleaner.



#136 Fuller Ostrich Feather Duster Natural oils in the ostrich feathers attract dust from the tiniest of crevices, will not scratch surfaces. Ideal for dusting houseplants, delicate figurines, mini-blinds,...

12" long USA version, wood handle (incl 7" of feathers) was $19.99 in 2010 catalog. This was discontinued, but I have 2 left

#19408 I also have the new 2014 version, same 7" of ostrich feathers but 21" long, wood handle, made in Indonesia.  Reg $19.99

 MY Sale for either 30% OFF - $14.


Very useful Multi-Purpose brush contains resilient bristles that are durable enough to stand up to any stain on rugs, shoes, clothes, upholstery or carpeting, scrubbing potatoes/carrots, or even as a hand/nail brush. 7-1/4" long plastic handle with hang-up hole, won't warp, chip or crack and can be used as a scraper to get rid of stubborn grime. Firm blue bristles area is 1-1/4" x 3".
Reg $7.99.  

My Price $6.99 or 2/$12.

click for larger photos

Vintage Antique Made by Fuller 1976 into the 1980s in Kansas complete with original box. Box shows slight age, sweeper certainly looks brand new unused. I purchased online from a collector.        MY Price:  $10.

Sweeps with ease crumbs off your table/tablecloth, or your living room couch/chairs, car seats etc.  This model has 2 sets of wheels and double roller for excellent pickup.

Imported current model Reg $16.99   
MY Price: $12. 

#S143 Nip n Tuck Folding Scissors. Fuller's 2010 price was $15.99
Fuller Brush discontinued these, but I found a new supplier for the same thing.

Great for sewing, children, sportsmen, scouts, campers, hobbyists. 3.5" long folded. Surgical Stainless Steel cuts almost everything with Lifetime Guarantee. Folds together for safety - no sharp points in your pocket or purse.  Made in Japan.      PDF Descriptive Flyer
MY PRICE only  $10 or 2/$18.

#S840 Bristle Shaving Brush & Holder
<< Click for larger photo
Fuller Brush had these decades ago and I get requests, and I found a new supplier for the same thing. Sterilized natural bristle.  Tortoiseshell color, Made by Kingsley in United Kingdom, Lifetime Guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Matching Holder can be used just setting on the counter, or stuck on the wall, or screwed onto wall.

$19. for the set. - price reduced

<< Click for larger photo. #S98 Slip-on Broomhead Duster.  9"w x 14"h

Made in Pennsylvania, NOT a Fuller product. Synthetic wool bottom, sewn onto pretty fabric, various designs. Insert broom and tie on to easily dust all your walls, ceilings.   $5.00 or $4 with an Angle Broom
click for More colors

#S892  - 50% Cotton USA Cloths nice and stretchy, 10" x 14". Unique construction for durability and absorbency, double thickness. Great for washing, dusting, cleaning - kitchen, dishes, shop, or car.  White with asst stripe colors.  3/$8.99

NOW IN 2 COLORS - White or Fuchsia
(blue sold out)
Reg $6.49 - MY Price $3. or 2/$4.  


Deodorant Moth Blocks in Floral or Clean Cotton scents. Details.

Found another Eyeglass Polishing Cloth - $3.

#56 Spray n Sparkle Eyeglass Cleaner .5oz   200 non-aerosol sprays of effective cleaning power to wipe away perspiration, fingerprints, smudges and spots from plastic and glass lenses, binoculars, camera lenses, computer screens. USA  Reg $5.99 

 Sale $4.


The 3 products below can also qualify as the freebie.


Click for larger photo.

z  #59105  Package of 2 16"x16" microfiber cleaning/dusting cloths, dark red and dark blue.
lso a Duster for your blinds with 2 heads.
Reg $14.99.
I have seen the blinds duster in Publishers Clearinghouse for $11.99 with no cloths.     

Clearance:  $7 including the blinds duster.


#A3737 Pretty & Pink Quilted Cloths

The Pretty & Pink Quilted Cloths have a unique quilted design that forms pockets of air to attract water and increase absorbency. Made of Viscose, a natural fabric made from trees grown in sustainable forests. Using this super absorbent, reusable cloth greatly reduces your use of expensive disposable wipes and paper towels. Package of 4 cloths. Made in Germany.     
Reg $10.99         MY Price $7. 

z #164 MICROFIBER CLEANING MITTS, pkg of 2. Large 11.25" x 7.75" size. Great for all cleaning jobs, wet or dry. Totally lint-free and non-abrasive. Washable. Imported. Were $16.99.
MY Closeout Price $8.   3 left

Students going off to college.
Wedding presents
Mothers & Fathers Day gifts
Birthday presents
Holiday gifts

USA unless stated.  ALSO AVAILABLE from Roland Rhoades:

CLOSEOUTS now has gift items
FULSOL & Stanley Degreaser

Closeouts are identified with this symbol: 
so, get them while you can.


Order directly from:
Roland Rhoades
Your Nationwide Discount Fuller Brush Man since 1992
10 Blackberry Lane - Gorham ME 04038

Contact ME for the $4 shipping rate in the US for under 13oz, and to save postage to Canada.
I also ship to other places with a US zipcode. For USA, Priority Mail Regional boxes will hold a bunch of products for $7 through Zone 4 from Maine (roughly PA-VA area). I get the Commercial Shipper discount. More economical for larger orders. - inquire.

My online shopping catalog is maintained for me by the Company, with default pricing, sales tax, and S&H that I cannot change of $9+ to the 48 continental states only.  Shop or just Call/email Roland Rhoades. Thanks.   I ship all US & Canada.

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