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Here is my brand new 2005 Toyota Prius Gas/Electric Hybrid Car.

Getting lots of questions, so I made this webpage. 

The first thing I did when I picked it up 3/29/05 was to add my Fuller Brush magnetic signs. - Roland Rhoades, international Fuller Brush Man.   

Fuller Brush Toyota Prius hybrid car




My GREEN blue Car 3/29/05

I have wanted one of these ever since I was introduced to them from our church's Alternative Energy Fair in 2002 that generated a lot of print and televised press coverage. I attend a church for bleeding-heart tree-hugging progressive liberals* [see below for definition of liberal, since Republican leadership has been redefining the dictionary trying to make it a 4-letter word, just like Big Brother in "1984"] where I first learned about this car at our energy fair. I decided that it was finally time for a new car. This car is rated at 60 city and 51 highway mpg (not a typo) and has 4 doors and plenty of leg room for 5 people, as well as my Fuller Brush products. Gets a big thumbs up from Consumer Reports Magazine. More room and better mileage than the Honda hybrid. The Toyota has the only "second generation" hybrid technology. LOTS of improvements over the ones I test drove back then. LOTS of stuff to learn about how to operate it too. Reading the Operators Manual is a Must.




And here is my Prius 8/06 right after washing it with Fuller's 'Car Wash & Wax'. Note my license plate I got last year.  Taken at the former family camp on Aziscoos Lake in Maine.

More photos at About Us

Thanks to Fuller Brush for the income to pay for it. The Prius really has to be seen to be believed. I got the option package with the Smart Key system. You never have to use a key! Just have the key in your pocket, and your locked car will recognize you when you touch the door handles! Lock it when you get out by just pushing the button on the outside door handle when you close the door. Ignition is optional too, with the electronic system. Just push the start button and if the key is in the general area, it starts right up. With the key staying in your pocket or purse, no more locking yourself out! (I had done that a few times.) Terrific display screens; you just have to remember to watch the road too. When you're done driving, just press the Park button. Nothing to plug in, runs on batteries that charge when the gas motor needs to kick in. When you brake, that wasted energy is fed back into the batteries. PLENTY of power too.  I don't care what gas costs anymore. I am definitely driving more this year. There are other great features too, that you really wouldn't think about. It has a foot rest for your left foot while you are driving, and an inside thermostat. Instead of turning the heat on when you're cold, and turning it off when you're hot, then turning it back on, just set the temperature you want like you do in your house, and it will maintain that temperature! Also tells you the temperature outside. There were also tax incentives at that time. In Maine, sales tax was half price.
Church member Connie C emailed me, seconding my opinion. Thanks Connie.
Hi Roland,
I just had to tell you how smart you are to be getting a Prius!  Lou and I are in love with ours. We got it last August (after a 6 mo. wait) and we find it fun to drive, comfortable, thoughtfully designed, and best of all, easy on the pocketbook. In the coldest days of winter we were getting around 47-49 miles per gallon; in warmer weather we get between 51-55. ALL cars should be hybrids--it would do a lot for our energy independence.
Cheers, Connie
2014 update:  My Prius is old now, but I figure why buy a new car when there is nothing wrong with the one I have!  I still enjoy over 50 mpg on trips averaging 50mph, and highway 70mph driving still gets me about 45 mpg.  This was a great investment.
[* from above: LIBERAL: Liberals respect life in all forms - human, animal, and plants, and the environment for now and future generations, RESPECTING what God loaned us. I use the term "Progressive" as opposed to regressive. We believe that big government should keep it's nose out of our personal lives. You can't legislate morality. If the government wants to get involved at all, it should protect citizens from hate and hate crimes, instead of trying to prevent people from loving one another. Instead they stir up hatred and bigotry with lies about gay people and liberals. They seem to believe that they can lie, cheat, steal, and kill, as long as they invoke the name of God somewhere in their message or TV commercial. Really people, What WOULD Jesus Do? He didn't hate anybody. I hope the Republican leadership doesn't really represent the beliefs and values of most Republicans. I have heard refreshing news from some life-long Republicans who have disowned their Party.