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2018 - 26 Years with Fuller Brush

I maintain my own inventory of current and discontinued products.

Fuller shut down Oct 31, 2017 until new owners take over in 2018 - I am still selling my own inventory.

The Fuller Brush ManHi. I'm Roland Rhoades, your Discount Fuller Brush Man.
Thanks for stopping by.
If you'd like to make an informed decision, I present here the information and product testimonials to offer you the best price and the best quality to make your home cleaning easier and faster, and saving you both Time and Money.
Roland Rhoades, Fuller Brush Man nationwide

"If you buy something right, you sell it right. You don't try to make an extra buck on it."

- My philosophy, and a quote from R H Reny, founder of the famous independent Maine department store chain RENY'S that competes just fine against the "W" behemoth.   That is why I sell for less, as I take advantage of any special promotions that Fuller Brush offers us distributors.


The Boar Bristle Hairbrushes Story, and our other hairbrushes too - sale webpage - US & Canada

& 3/2017: the Fuller & Stanley Lotions, Moisturizers, personal care products.

Small Light household & personal care brushes
- US & Canada

Help me clean my office!

My Close-out Specials of discontinued and over-stock products, now with gift products

Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper Sale webpage

Fuller & Stanley Brooms & Mops

  Spin Mops also.

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT SEPT 11, 2016 from Roland Rhoades - Fuller Brush & Stanley Home Products changed all the rules Sept 30, drastically cutting what we are able to earn, and taking our wholesale customers and distributors away from us.  Since 1992 when I first joined, I have recruited, trained, motivated, and answered phone calls and emails from thousands of distributors.

They have decided that ALL distributors or wholesale customers, including the 1200 currently in my reports, are now theirs directly and will no longer pay referral commissions for doing all the work of finding them new distributors and providing training materials like my training website that I built.

In October they finally told us what to expect. With their financial problems, they are discontinuing many products.  They cut my commissions in half, plus now charge a 7-12% of retail fee to ship direct to our customers, in addition to the normal $9+.  And they added a $2 fee per large or heavy item (like gallons).  Distributors are dropping like flies with so many obstacles in the way of making any money. 

August 2017 - their stupid decisions really were stupid. They are now going out of business and liquidating all inventory by November. New owners are taking over in 2018.


Special Monthly SALE PRICES

Just want a small item that shouldn't cost $9 to ship? 
Contact me; I can likely mail it to you for less. Likewise the extra specials that I offer here, and closeouts that the Company no longer has.


ROLAND RHOADES, 1-207-892-0923.  I answer if I'm near the phone.

TOP DISTRIBUTOR FOR EVERY YEAR.  Once again I am in the Company's Top 10 Recruiters of new distributors (based on how productive they are), and again among the Top 100 Retailers nationwide. The trophies all look nice. Photos on my Distributor Newsletter page.


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Professional Service since 1992
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Don't let this come true. Whether you are shopping for Fuller Brush or anything else, please buy American wherever possible.

 - Thank you. - The 99% of us who are not millionaire vulture capitalists.

Want a "We are the 99%" bumper sticker?
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bove Vintage posters on cardstock 19"x23" for sale $10 unfolded in a tube + $4 postage.

Do you ever feel like you need a gas mask when you use cleaning products around the house? It's not a good idea to deeply inhale any cleaning products, but you'll find a pleasant difference with Fuller Brush & Stanley Home Products. Most of our products have a pleasant citrus scent; even our concentrates smell good. Fuller doesn't cut corners with their ingredients.  FULLER BRUSH cleaning products save you time and money by doing the job right the first time.

What's so special about Our STAINLESS STEEL SPONGES?

Note: Fuller's aerosols have no CFCs harmful to the ozone layer. Details here

The Adventures of the Fuller Brush Man - "I've Got a Crush"  youtube song

The Fuller Brush Girl with Lucille Ball - trailer

1950's Rare Fuller Brush Salesman Training Phonograph


Our natural Boar Bristle Hairbrushes are much healthier for your hair. Various styles available in wood or plastic handles. We also have nylon bristle brushes in popular acrylic handles.   See Hairbrushes webpage for both hairbrushes and lotions.

#24 Witch Hazel Lotion, an exclusive Fuller product, has witch hazel extract and no drying alcohol (unlike some imitators) and is a great all purpose year round moisturizing lotion.  Long time distributor Pat Johnson also loves Witch Hazel Lotion as a moisturizer after getting a sunburn, and she says it is also great for bug bites and poison ivy. She also says it helps prevent freckles for redheads who like the sun. Many men use it as an aftershave lotion. Long time distributor Bruce Breen says he sold lots of Witch Hazel Lotion for "Ash" dry skin when he lived in NJ.   
Peppermint Foot Lotion (replaced by Stanley #A6807 Esentials Feet TreatMint Foot Lotion) has been on TV as great for invigorating circulation in tired feet; I’ve sold cases (24) to home health care professionals. 

Steve W in Ohio says “I sold Dad Fuller's Ultimate Skin Balm to a co-worker 2 weeks ago. He liked it so well, he told other co-workers. They in turn asked me to get them some.  Well...... I sure did. In a 2 week span I collected orders for 74 jars!” He says people are delighted with it and using it for their hands, faces, and feet for problem dry skin. The word is still spreading as he sells even more. One bought six more jars for everyone in her family. Pat Johnson also tried this product and says that even though it felt like putting petroleum jelly on at first, it all dried into her skin and is WONDERFUL. She's getting more and telling people she knows. Product value stories like this is exactly what makes Fuller Brush thrive as a company.  Although we are not allowed to make medical claims, another distributor who prefers to remain anonymous, says it was the only thing he could find to relieve hemorrhoids that actually worked. The label says: Provides "ultimate relief" for dry, cracked, chapped, weather beaten skin! Enhanced with Ginger Root extract known for its natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, and Echinacea known for its natural healing properties for burns, wounds, scratches, bites and stings. Use everyday ... even on sensitive skin. Clean light fresh fragrance. 3.8oz jar is now a more convenient 4oz tube.  Sample 2oz Jar - $2.

Happy testimonials are an everyday occurrence. Here's one from our Discussion Board:
I work in a nursing home in which most of my fellow employees have never heard of Fuller Brush. One lady that had heard from her Grandmother about #619 Extra Strength Bowl Cleaner, ordered and used it. When she returned to work the next day, she complained about how she had used everything WalMart, the local hardware store, and the farmers co-op had to offer, but to no avail. She applied the Bowl Cleaner but couldn't wait the full 10 minutes as it said on the directions. To her amazement the rust and build up disappeared. Now everyone there wants to see my catalogs. Orders are starting to come in. - Michael M.

I replied: Thanks for your input, Michael. That's why I call Fuller Brush "Products with a Difference". Bowl Cleaner is one of my top products. On really stained toilets, it'll leave CLEAN streaks running down the sides! I've got a case of Bowl Cleaner that I'm delivering to a cleaning company this coming week; they've been buying it from me for years. Besides how great it works, it also smells MINTY fresh!
One of the main things that I like about this business is the fact that I'm not USING people to push products onto so I can make some money. I'm doing them a favor by making the products available to them, and they regularly let me know how much they appreciate how great the products work. That's all I need for motivation to build this business, instead of the rah-rah hype meetings that some companies need.


For overall health,:

Every home should have #901201 Spray 'n San Ultra, an antibacterial all-house cleaner that cleans, disinfects, deodorizes, and kills staph, salmonella, and pseudomonas.  Both from Fuller's Commercial Division, being discontinued in the household side. I still have some. See Bathroom Cleaning brochure above.  See Closeouts page.

Here is a story from CNN (use Industrial Germicidal Cleaner or Spray n San daily!):

Dishing the dirt on office germs  By Simon Hooper for CNN

LONDON, England (CNN) --It's not just computer viruses that you should worry about at work.

According to a University of Arizona study, a typical desk is capable of supporting up to 10 million bacteria -- 400 times more germs than the average toilet seat.

And workers who believe their desks are clean enough to eat their lunch off are in for a nasty shock. Longer office hours and the modern appetite for workplace snacking have created an environment perfect for bacterial contamination. "For bacteria, a desk is really the lap of luxury," said Dr. Charles Gerba, the University of Arizona microbiologist who conducted the research in 2002. "They can feast all day from breakfast to lunch and even dinner." Gerba's study found that bacteria levels increased drastically during the day, peaking after lunch. Telephones were worst affected, with 25,127 germs found in an average square inch on the receiver. Desktops were also heavily contaminated, with 20,961 germs found.

Workers who prefer e-mail to the phone aren't safe either. Keyboards were found to support 3,295 germs per square inch, with another 1,676 settling on the mouse. By contrast, the average square inch of toilet seat supports just 49 germs.

While many workers like to keep their desk tidy, few actually worry about cleaning it. Even though crumbs and coffee spills are capable of supporting mini eco-systems, the closest most office space ever gets to a proper clean-up is an occasional cursory brush with a duster. "Without cleaning, a small area on your desk or phone can sustain millions of bacteria that could potentially cause illness," said Gerba. The good news is that a little bit of hygiene management goes a long way to tackling the problem.

Among office workers who were instructed to clean their desks daily with disinfecting wipes, bacterial levels were reduced by 99 percent. "One good way to kill bacteria and help stop the spread of germs is to regularly clean your personal workspace," said Gerba. "Using disinfecting wipes can drastically reduce your chances of illness."

And if you have to eat your lunch off anything in the office, try the photocopier. With just 69 germs per square inch, it's almost as "clean" as the bathroom.

The Microfiber Slenderduster is terrific for dusting the hard to reach tight places in your home and have removable washable covers. - while my supplies last, see my brushes page, $10.

#56 Spray n Sparkle Eyeglass Cleaner provides 200 sprays for glass or plastic lenses, binoculars, cameras, computer screens ...   see brushes page.

More Product & Selling Tips gleaned from past issues of the Fuller Brush DownEast Winning Team Newsletter, and other customer and distributor tips and testimonials.

AMAZING PRODUCT STORY: A woman called me asking if I had any Fuller dustmops in stock. I did, so she came to my house after work. When I asked how she got my name, she told me she went to the hardware store looking for a good dustmop. All she found was junk, so she asked them "Don't you have any decent dustmops?" They replied "No, we don't, but the local Fuller Brush dealer does!" and gave her my name and phone number! She bought the Fuller Treated Dustmop, a Broom, and some eyeglass cleaner that I had on hand, and wants future catalogs. Now, why would a hardware store send a customer to me? Because I'm nice enough to give them my trash! That's right, I give them the packing peanuts that come in my Fuller Brush orders so they can re-use them as a UPS agency shipper.  It pays to Recycle!

Our Shoe Clean and Shoe Clean Brush work terrific cleaning like new, all types of shoe fabrics including suede, vinyl, leather, canvass and nylon. Our Shoe Clean product has some new uses, according to Maine distributor Patricia Johnson. She has a 25 year old saddle with a suede seat which is usually impossible to clean. She used the Shoe Clean and Brush to clean the suede and also the sheepskin under the saddle and it now looks like new.  She's also had great results like the rest of us cleaning both white and colored walking shoes. Bill K of Delaware cleaned just one of his shoes so people could see the difference the Shoe Clean makes. NOTE: In Fuller's 2008 product consolidation, #724 multi-tasking Upholstery Cleaner cleans shoes, as well as upholstery and rugs, and vice versa.

Pat Johnson also always has plenty of good things to say about our Industrial Germicidal Spray Cleaner. Any homemaker will love you when you spray it on their textured-finish refrigerator and the grime in the cracks that they’ve tried scrubbing just melts away with the wipe of a sponge. Just clean a circle on any refrigerator and make them buy the can if they want the rest of their refrigerator looking that clean again.  Pat also says "Do you know someone with an air ionizer in their home? It filters dirt and pollen out of your air, but it also attracts and deposits that dirt on objects around the ionizer. I have mine on top of my refrigerator and the top of my refrigerator and kitchen cabinets get black from it. I’ve tried just about everything and the only thing I’ve found that removes it is our Germicidal Cleaner which removes it easily, as well as being terrific for cleaning smoke stains from walls and cupboards, and disinfecting the kitchen counter and the bathroom. Also great for white cupboards and woodwork, overhead fans, stove exhaust areas, and the greasy sticky feeling that vinyl chairs get."  To clean vinyl chairs, spray on and scrub with a brush like our #306, then wipe clean with a paper towel. Kevin K of Oklahoma read about the Germicidal Cleaner being great for cleaning the grooves in textured-finish refrigerators, so he tried it in his auto shop cleaning textured car finishes and it worked great. He said it even works great as an engine degreaser! Well, whatever works. After I mentioned that to Pat Johnson, she tried it on the schoolbus that she drives to clean the door hinge areas that they grease every month that leave black streaks running down, and it worked perfectly.  Distributor Lynda Bailey says "I cleaned the top of my stove and a gob of Germicidal Cleaner fell to the tray under the burners. I left it there until I finished wiping up the top of the stove, and when I wiped the bottom tray, it was like new where the Germicidal Cleaner fell. Amazing product!"  

We have another product with terrific cleaning power also; doing much more than the product label advertises. Montana Distributor Karen Kegel writes "just wanted to let you know about our #735 Microwave Oven Cleaner. It is great stuff to clean not only the Microwave, but also the greasy screens under the microwave. I love the fact that it is a foam, so it doesn't drip back in your eyes. Spray the screen in the sink and the grease just melts off! Spray around the door knobs of your kitchen cabinets...and it removes the greasy look & feel! Mine are formica and I have not found anything that would do a very good job. Now I have. Spray the bottom of a roaster pan, it takes off the burned on gunk! Spray the door to your regular oven, it removes the spills, spatters, & drips! Spray the frying pan that has burned on food! Or kettle that scorched. This is great stuff...and just wanted to let you know. This is neat stuff!"  

Microwave Oven Cleaner will also work great cleaning the textured finish on the refrigerator.  I have also found the Microwave Cleaner to be a terrific Range Hood Cleaner!   You know how it gets all greasy and it won't seem to get clean - I just sprayed some on and rubbed lightly with a Stainless Steel Sponge, and wiped off with a rag; squeaky clean now! This is a versatile MUST HAVE product for every home. While in the process of sprucing up my house for sale, I found still another use for the Microwave Cleaner. My appr 20-year old vinyl siding had some black spots that other cleaners wouldn't touch (mildew?). I sprayed it with the Microwave Cleaner and scrubbed lightly with a stainless steel sponge and it looks like new again. After I finished my can, I decided to open a can of  #626 Fulsol Degreaser Foaming Spray, which can be used for all the above and most anything as an all-purpose cleaner. Fuller's aerosol power cleansers all have terrific stain fighting power, so this one would also do the same things that I mentioned above for the Microwave and Germicidal Cleaners.

Stainless Steel Sponges #868 just have to be mentioned here. I try to keep one or two of most products in my inventory, but I try to keep at least a dozen boxes of these on hand. Our scrubbers don't scratch and gouge like some cheap store brand imitators; you can even rub nylon stockings with them. A new customer, Marion G in NJ, had been looking for Fuller and called me finding me through another mailorder customer, saying "the Stainless Steel pot scrubbers are very good. They last a whole year. They don't stink or smell [like other pot scrubbers]. The stores around here have some that are 2 for $1, but they don't compare to what you've got." They come in a box of 3.
I keep hearing about new uses for this versatile product.  Scrub your potatoes and carrots with them instead of peeling half of the vegetable and nutrients into your trash.   And if you know any fishermen, these make great fish scalers!

Lucille S in Maine is sold on the #605 Pre-Laundry Stain Spray. She washed some clothes with a vitamin gelcap in one of the pockets. She noticed it after the clothes had started through the dryer. She got reddish brown stains all over the clothes once the heat burst the gelcap. She sprayed the clothes with the stain spray and the stains came out completely. Having a Fuller Brush product that gets the job done right the first time saved her lots of money on clothes. #617 non-aerosol Liquid Stain Remover is discontinued.

 I always learn from my customers. TWO more reasons for person to person sales - discovering new product uses and getting new customers!

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Porcelain Collector Plates stored in my attic for 30 years are also available - list here.

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