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Why (and how) do I sell for less?
"If you buy something right, you sell it right. You don't try to make an extra buck on it."

- My philosophy, and a quote from R H Reny, founder of the famous independent Maine department store chain RENY'S that competes just fine against the "W" behemoth.   That is why I sell for less, as I take advantage of any special promotions that Fuller Brush offers us distributors.

Fuller is my full-time and only income, and I've been successful for 25 years by treating others as I would like and not just being after every dollar. I stock up when Fuller has a good case-lot offer.
Email or Call ME personally if you want my personal sale prices.  Thank you for your support.

Fuller shut down Oct 31, 2017 until new owners take over in 2018 -

"Tired of high electric bills, expensive vacuum cleaner bags and repairs, and loud noises? Then try Fuller's Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper."

No electricity, no cords, no batteries, no noise, works naturally and "green". Tough Steel body/handle.

Great for home, office, dormitory, mini-golf greens, summer camp, etc. We had a summer camp with no electricity; this Sweeper was great.

4-pc handle screws together - leave one section out for kids to clean their rooms.

Weighs 3 lbs - easy to carry anywhere.

#964 Replacement bristle Rotor Brush Reg $19.99  Sale $16.
#963 Vinyl flapper blade rotor     
Both Reg
$19.99   Sale $16.

Replacement rotors do not fit the old sweepers from before 2010.

Descriptive Flyer PDF

#104 Fuller Brush Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper in Slate Gray
(new 2014) with a natural bristle rotor that works best for most uses. (photo of box above,
biz office is now in Napa)
Gray Sweeper includes an additional vinyl rotor, which is better for homes or restaurants picking up messy food.
Approx 9" wide sweeping path; 6.5" depth; 45" high; pan is 2.5" high to easily sweep under couches and chairs. It includes a comb to clean hairs/threads out of the rotor-brush, that clips to the bottom of the handle.
Reg Price $49.99
(Seen in 2014 Vermont Country Store catalog for $59.95)
 + $7 shipping
for the gray sweepers limited time. 


 WHITE.  Exactly the same except No vinyl rotor, just the bristle one. (Red is sold out)
Reg Price $49.99  
MY SPECIAL OFFER: $38. + $7 shipping  limited time.

Roland Rhoades 1-207-892-0923
Your Nationwide Discount Fuller Brush Man
10 Blackberry Lane - Gorham ME 04038           


Restaurants picking up messy food will want the interchangeable washable vinyl rotor brush.  You will see many restaurant chains using our Sweeper; some of those chains bought them from me because I gave them a discount to get the volume sale.

Keep your bulky vacuum in the closet. The lightweight (about 3 pounds) quiet Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper is just the thing for quick touch-ups and small jobs inevitable in every household. Carry up and down the stairs or get one for each floor of your house. Made of tough steel, not plastic. Natural bristle rotor brush gathers everything from dust and ash to paper clips and glass. Use on carpeted and hard surface floors for fast and easy cleaning. Includes cleaning comb for hair and string to keep bristles like new; clamp it onto the lower part of the handle and you won't knock it off or lose it.

The rotor brush will last a LONG time, but when it does wear out, don't replace the whole Sweeper; just buy a replacement brush.

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Who needs this? Every homeowner, camp owner, RV owner, apartment, office, hotel, restaurant, store, small business, college dorm, timeshare, school classroom, church. Everybody!

Students going off to college.
Elderly people who can't lug or push a heavy vacuum around the house.
Anyone who wants a quick and easy way to clean house, especially when unexpected company arrives.

Businesses who can't have a loud vacuum disturbing customers, or have a cord for customers to trip over.
Wedding presents
Birthday presents
Holiday gifts

Seeing is believing.  It works much better than other brands.  Weighs less than 3 pounds, easy to carry up and down stairs. Great whether you are 8 or 88. All steel construction is made to last. Has no cord for people to trip over; keep your business looking sharp between professional cleanings. Much easier than getting a vacuum out every time, especially for the elderly. Won’t wake up the kids taking naps or disturb customers. Cleans all types of carpet, plus hard floors, even corners and stairs. Handle folds down flat to sweep under couches and chairs. Two collector pans and a full bristle brush, not just a spiral brush, so it picks up just as well forward or backward.  Some brands seem to empty back out when you back up.  The comb will clean pet hair and string out of the rotor brush. Demonstrations on TV show our Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper efficiently sweeping everything off carpeting, including pet hair, stepped-on breakfast cereal or crackers, rice, pine needles, kitty litter, sand, paper clips, nuts, bolts, pens, nails, salt, and sugar.  The faster you roll it back and forth, the higher the static attraction to pick up the dirt, because of the special natural bristles. Move from floor to throw rug without the rug being sucked up like a vacuum does.

Sectional 4-piece screw-together handle - take one section out to make it kid size and let them do the house cleaning (providing their own "vroom-vroom" sound effects of course).


   A friend at church bought an Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper from me because she was already familiar with it.  She and her husband loved it so much that, since he was on the building upkeep committee, he recommended the Church buy one.  Others in church have used it, and bought one from me, including one who recommended it to the local acupuncture clinic who called me to buy one, and later called to buy another one for her mother. – RR, Sanford ME

   CLEAN YOUR YARD. In April 2003, I heard of another use for our Carpet Sweeper. If it snows where you live, you know those sand piles left on your lawn from snowplowing? Bev in Saco Maine told me that the Sweeper works great sweeping that sand out of the grass! Much better than trying to rake the sand out. She had a bucket to keep emptying the sweeper into.

   Cyndy P says it works great cleaning up tracked kitty litter, and is great for quick cleanups. If unexpected company drives in, I can clean up before they even get to the door.  Bird owners like it for fallen bird seed.

   “I love my carpet sweeper! I have degenerative disk disease in my low back and vacuuming is one job I can't do and sweeping the floor is hard. Since I got my sweeper, my floors look great! I can do the whole house with little or no pain! I can even carry it upstairs and do those floors.” – Debbie N   Great for people with arthritis too.  Another customer says she loves the Fuller Sweeper much better than the Oreck one she had.

   "I thought that little box was a toy at first, but man, did I change my mind quickly when I tried it out! Fits under chairs and couches, anywhere. Best thing I ever bought."

   WI dealer Dennis adds: “Two quick notes about our floor sweeper. I recently had a booth at a camping rally. A customer questioned the performance of the sweeper. I suggested they take it for a test drive. Using it on an already vacuumed floor, they still picked up dirt with the sweeper. I made a sale on the spot and they in turn boasted about the sweeper to others!  And today on TV, I watched a demonstration of a new cordless floor sweeper. It is motorized, requires charging, has a higher profile, made noise and picked up the same items as our 'cordless' model. They are asking $80.00 and offered no more performance.”

   Faye in TN says: "Here's a cute thing you may enjoy: My sister hosted a party for me a couple of weeks ago. After the party, I was so tired I left my things there. This included the carpet sweeper. Two days later, she called and said, "I'm gonna shoot you, I have fallen in love with that danged sweeper and gotta have one." Of course I was rested enough to write the order. :>) Thanks for all the help and good thoughts. Please keep that newsletter coming. It is, perhaps, my best sources of information. love, Faye"

   People do love that sweeper after trying it. My grandmother also loves hers. She used to use a light electric broom for her living room carpet and was all tired out and had to lie down to catch her breath afterwards. Our sweeper is so light and easy to use and does such a good job, even on her hard floors, that she has told lots of friends and neighbors, getting me lots more sales. – Roland R

   My old house had an attached shed with outdoor grass carpet. I kept my firewood in there, and also threw my boxes of packing peanuts in there. Bark and peanuts would get ground into that carpet and the vacuum was helpless against that. My Carpet Sweeper picked up that bark and peanuts so easily. – Roland R.

I've said it before, but I'll tell this story of boosting sales by offering my own "2-for" special because I got a kick out of my customer's response. I was getting my car fixed, and asked the female co-owner of the used car garage if she'd like to try out a Fuller Brush Carpet Sweeper for a couple days. She said "Sure", so I left mine with her that I already had in my car because I knew the answer in advance (why wouldn't she?). I told her she could get 2 for a discount. I called her back and she said she loved it and definitely wanted it, but she was trying to find someone else to buy one so she could get the special deal, which she did a day or two later. I gladly gave up $5 commission to get her to sell a carpet sweeper for me. It is perfect for small businesses, offices, schools, churches, and homes because it is quiet, effective, and has no cord for people to trip over.

   “I can't believe how awesome the Fuller Brush Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper is. It works great, not just on carpets but bare floors too. It even picks up broken glass!” - Susan, Florida. “I have found a great use for the carpet sweeper - I have a carpeted stairwell and three dogs! It's difficult to carry and use a heavy vacuum in this area - the carpet sweeper does a great job and is so easy to use I can sweep it every day. It does a great job picking up the dog hair and fuzz.”

   Roland adds: In the past 2 weeks [Jan 2004], when supposedly “nobody buys anything after Christmas”, I’ve sold 6 electrostatic carpet sweepers. I sold one to an insurance agency after leaving them one to try for a couple days. I sold 5 at my Portland church because I donated one to them a while ago and during church coffee hour, I make a point of demonstrating it to everyone, ahem, I mean I make a point of helping clean up after coffee hour. People comment about how good it picks up the crumbs, and I show them how it works, and how the pans open, and the comb to clean string and pet hair out of the bristle rotor brush. One person bought 3.  They have "talked it up" about "Roland's Carpet Sweeper". Yesterday we had our annual church auction (3/04). I donated two sweepers, hoping they'd get a decent offer. Well, they certainly did! They both sold for $60 each. And more people want them now, after my impromptu dance and demonstration around the room with the Sweeper. Another person said she wished she hadn't just bought a rechargeable-battery powered sweeper elsewhere that doesn't do anywhere near the job that our Sweeper does (her words). The two people who bought the sweepers last night both came up to me at church this morning saying even though it was late, they put the sweeper together last night and tried it out and just LOVE it. That is what I find so enjoyable and motivating about this business. People come up to you like YOU did THEM a favor by making the products available to them. One of those people bought another one in December 2004 to mail to their son in Moscow, Russia! 

   Instructions: Comes in a compact box, easy to ship or wrap as a gift.  4-piece sectional handle screws together and onto the Sweeper bracket. Leave one section out to make it kid-size for them to clean up (vroom sounds not included). The rotor brush cleaning comb clips on the bottom of the handle. Replace rotor brush by prying the plastic prong out enough to pop the rotor out/in. Instruction sheet included.
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